Towards Lowbury Hill - SOLD

Walk 5: Towards Lowbury Hill. May. Oxfordshire.

Towards Lowbury Hill

Walking Diary: The noise of the A34 starts to impose on the sound of sky larks. The Ridgeway takes me under the road and then the land opens up on the Compton Downs. There are lots of racing gallops here and I can just make out Blewburton Hill in the distance. Lowbury Hill is a gentle and subtle shape ahead of me, once the site of a Roman Temple itís a special place I visit many times. I cross over the small brick bridge of the now disused Didcot, Newbury to Southampton junction railroad. Along the county borders and back into Oxfordshire again. Knowing that my home village of Aston Tirrold is just over the hills feels comforting as I am drawn in that direction and away from The Ridgeway.