My summer show is a collaboration with aerial photographer Hedley Thorne and cultural ecologist Patrick Dillon. This is our second Airscapes exhibition. The first, at Radley College in 2021, showcased Oxfordshire and Berkshire landscapes by Hedley and I. The Wiltshire work continues our ongoing project of exploring aerial landscapes. For this exhibition we are joined by my father, Patrick Dillon, who has written the exhibition book.

Hedley and Anna have each selected sites that have personal significance to them. In their respective media, they offer a contemporary take on the landscape. Spatial character and specific detail complement each other in the two art forms. The paintings simplify complexity and offer an essence of place. The photographs open up the detail and remind the viewer that every place has a unique character as well as a timeless presence. The result is an exhibition that is wide-ranging in both geographical and subject coverage, whilst retaining a focus on landscape as a cultural-historical artefact.

8th July to 15th October at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, Wiltshire.