How do I commission a painting?

As a landscape painter I continually explore the UK in search of breath taking landscapes and can often be seen perched on a road side with my camera taking reference shots for future paintings.


  • Step 1 Location: If you have a specific location in mind that you would like me to recreate as a painting then I will need a few of photos from you to start me off. I prefer to visit the site in person to take primary sketches for my initial studies. Alternatively, if you don't know what you want and would like me to make suggestions then I am happy to provide assistance.

  • Step 2 Size and Medium: I can paint to any size with any proportions that you like. I paint with oil paints on board or wood.

  • Step 3 Colours: You may have a specific colour scheme in mind and I'm happy to take that into account when painting.

  • Step 4 Budget: It works very well if you have an initial budget in mind as that gives me the parameters I need initially which I will discuss in detail with you. As a starting point my commissions start from 400 upwards (unframed).

  • Step 5 Timescales: If you have a specific date that you need the painting completed for then please allow sufficient time to brief me. The bigger the painting the longer it takes but as a guide line an A4 watercolour would take me 1 month to complete and an A2 Oil Painting could take as long as 3 months. *please note that oil paintings take quite a while to dry so it's best to leave an extra month.

  • Step 6 Finishing touches: I like to present all my paintings framed with a natural wood and glass front. I have an excellent relationship with a local framer and am happy to give suggestions on how to frame and mount your painting. Framing quotes can also be given if needed and I will arrange the final framing of your painting.

  • Step 7 Delivery: I can deliver free of charge within Oxfordshire and some parts of Wiltshire and Berkshire but otherwise I will provide quotes on all delivery costs with a local courier or you can make your own arrangements.