Kingstanding Hill: SOLD

Kingstanding Hill

A poppy field follows the edge of the busy A417 in South Oxfordshire. Kingstanding Hill is a prominent point on the eastern edge of the Berkshire Downs. It lies at the intersection of the Roman road running north from Silchester and the Fairmile, a spur of the Ridgeway which runs west-east across the chalk escarpment. The strategic position of Kingstanding Hill, with commanding views towards the Goring Gap, the bottleneck through which the Thames breaks through the chalk, accounts for its long association with King Aethelred and his brother Alfred in their campaign against the invading Vikings in the ninth century. The hill is known locally as ‘shortnaughts’, or ‘shortnorts’, possibly a corruption of ‘short north’ referring to the orientation of the Roman road. Text by: Professor Patrick Dillon. Cultural Ecologist